Low Income Credit Card

In the past, credit cards were only released to those who had regular credit history income. Therefore, in recent times, some lenders have made their financial products more accessible to a wide range of benefits.

Delaying accounts or failing to withdraw can be one of the drawbacks when it comes to joining a credit card because the name is down. Therefore, the Money website offers a Low Income Credit Card verifier that is likely to be accepted.

Low Income Credit Card
Low Income Credit Card

Barclaycard is a multinational provider of credit cards. Currently, the institution has more than 10 million customers spread throughout the territory. With the eligibility verifier the interested party will be aware of the possibility of being accepted by the institution before sending the request.

What are the benefits?
Barclaycard Low Income Credit Card members will enjoy the following benefits: Barclaycard discount package, online account management, promotional balance, standard interest rate, free access to Experian credit score, chip card, personal and non-transferable password, 6.9% participation in all purchases and more.

It is important to note that the credit limit, APR rate can differ for each individual, that is, it all depends on the analysis and eligibility that is made of every proposal and personal data of the applicant.

How and where to apply?
The first step to getting Barclaycard’s Low Income Credit Card is to check eligibility through the official website where it will be necessary for the individual to fill out a personal data, residences and financial data .
Once this has been done, the institution analyzes and if approved, contacts the contractor for the release of the card and signing the contract.

Interest rate
As everyone already knows, interest rates can change due to countless factors. In a representative example of APR (variable) the rate is 6.9% and for acquisition rate the value of the rate remains the same.