Alliance Bank Personal Credit

The fast-release loan is a credit line offered by the Alliance Bank Personal Credit a financial group that offers a wide range of high-tech products and end-to-end banking services. More information will be highlighted later.

This type of credit is intended for those who need money quickly and without much paperwork and paperwork. This type of line need not justify the real reason for the concession and it is not necessary to have guarantor.

Alliance Bank Personal Credit
Alliance Bank Personal Credit

Alliance Bank is one of the first institutions to adopt innovative and progressive new technologies. In addition, all clients of this institution have specialized assistance for any type of doubt.

What are the benefits?

By joining Alliance Bank Personal Credit, the contractor has a fixed payment, automatic deduction (optional), simple interest, due date, 48-hour approval, and $ 500 to $ 15,000.

What is the characteristic of a loan?

Personal loans can be used for various purposes. Some of them are: start-up of local companies, debt settlement, purchase of new goods, travel, home remodeling, studies and among others. It is always important to say that when hiring any type of loan, applicants should be aware of the interest rates and installment values over the life of the loan so as not to jeopardize the financial life.

How and where to sign up?

To apply for Alliance Approval’s Fast Approval Loan, you can access the official website (, where you will have to complete a form containing personal, financial and residential data.

Any proposal sent to the institution is analyzed by the data before the launch.

What are the requirements?

You must be a minimum of 21 years and a maximum of 60 years, ID card, annual income of R $ 3,600.00, be a permanent resident of Malay, have no negative name in credit institutions and have proof of residence.

Interest rate

Interest rates vary according to the applicant’s profile and credit policy. Therefore, some rates vary from 3.99% per month to 14.78% per year. Looking for more information on the Alliance Bank Personal Credit, go to the official website