Standard Bank Personal Credit

Standard Bank has a wide range of products and a variety of credit services, such as Personal Bank Standard Bank to meet the most different user profiles and styles, to help meet short- and long-term credit needs the long term.

The advantages and conditions for the clients of this line of credit are quite attractive, as they are beneficial for most users of this type of service, are some of the advantages of Standard Bank Personal Credit:

Standard Bank Personal Credit
Standard Bank Personal Credit

For medium-term loans, the amounts can be paid in 6 months, and the term can be stretched for up to 48 months, ie four years for full repayment of the loan.

Regarding the amounts offered by Standard Bank, it can vary between a minimum amount: 500,000 AOA; maximum amount: 4 million AOA. In this way, the amounts can be requested by the client, and the institution should analyze the credit, and make the release. Interest on the loan is 17% and the maximum rate of installments and income is calculated at 35%.

Standard Bank Personal Credit – How to apply?

For the request to be made, the interested party must have a minimum verified salary of 250 thousand AOA with deposit in a Standard Bank account. The applicant’s age must be at least 25 years of age, with a maximum of 60 on the date of the last monthly payment. You must still be a client of the institution for at least 3 months.

The requested documents are a copy of the BI, a copy of the contribution card, and proof of the monthly income of the last 3 months. In addition, authorization is required for the realization of the payroll deduction, in addition to the authentication of the documents and the Standard Bank Personal Credit Agreement.

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