Personal Loan UBA – United Bank for Africa

For those who need constant monetary support, month after month, the Personal Loan UBA is an option. With long term credit, flexible repayment plan and lower equity, the bank with us is a rewarding relationship that lets you enjoy the finer things in life.

The terms of the loan vary according to the proposal and the agreement signed, however it is subject to payment of 5% each month until the end of a period of 6 months.

Personal Loan UBA - United Bank for Africa
Personal Loan UBA – United Bank for Africa

You will be assisted in managing your finances whenever you have to pay the debt in full.

And yet Personal Loan – United Bank for Africa provides customers and users with the money they need when they don’t have enough funds in their account and the flexible, structured and convenient repayment terms, not to mention competitive rates.

Individuals whose income and sources of income, such as rent and salaries, have been paid by UBA for at least 3 months. Individual UBA account holders who do not have a history of checks returned due to insufficient funds

Personal Loan UBA – United Bank for Africa – How to Simulate

User Required Fill out the UBA Consumer Loan Application Form, which can be downloaded online or purchased from one of the many UBA agencies across Africa.

You need to sign up for the customer service representative at your branch.

It is also available to those who wish to contract the Personal Loan UBA – United Bank for Africa, to simulate the terms and conditions of the agreement.