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When your daily mission revolves around saving and enhancing lives, you’re part of something extraordinary. Just picture waking up every morning to a role as pivotal as aiding individuals in their quest for a healthier life across the globe. That’s the opportunity that awaits you here. Whether your strengths lie in empathy, innovation, digital prowess, or scientific brilliance, you can collaborate with kindred spirits to bring hope to those battling the most formidable diseases of our time. Our team is in a constant state of evolution, so if you possess an insatiable intellectual curiosity, we invite you to join us and commence your journey of making a significant impact today.

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Employment Opportunities

Our Company in Brief:

A dedicated workforce of approximately 69,000 individuals
A substantial investment of $9.9 billion in research and development during 2022
Impacting the lives of 500 million people through our innovations in 2022
Though we function as a single unified entity, we operate under two distinct corporate brand names. In the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, we go by the name Merck & Co., Inc., headquartered in Rahway, New Jersey. Everywhere else, we are recognized as MSD.

As leaders in biopharmaceuticals, our core focus is scientific innovation to create medicines and vaccines that have the potential to enhance the well-being of millions across the globe.

Opportunities for the U.S. Contingent Workforce

Our teams are engines of innovation, and to accelerate our endeavors, we rely on a contingent workforce that contributes in various capacities, ranging from sales to manufacturing and beyond. Their collective efforts align with our mission to leverage cutting-edge science for the betterment of lives worldwide. Are you ready to lend your expertise to a cause greater than yourself?

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Our Hiring Approach:

If you’re prepared to engage in daily innovation, click HERE to explore our hiring process. Learn about the essentials for your interview, navigate our accessible application process, and gain insight into our new global hybrid work model. We eagerly anticipate your forthcoming application, and the potential impact you can make!