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Discover endless opportunities and a vibrant work culture at Target.

Join us in shaping the future of retail and making a difference in communities across the globe. Work at Target today!

Working at Target offers numerous benefits and opportunities:

  1. Vibrant Work Culture: Diverse and inclusive environment where team members are valued and empowered to bring their authentic selves to work.
  2. Career Development: Team members’ growth and development through training programs, mentoring, and advancement opportunities within the company.
  3. Community Impact: Making a positive difference in communities through various initiatives such as volunteering, sustainability efforts, and philanthropy.
  4. Employee Benefits: Competitive wages, comprehensive health benefits, discounts, and other perks to support the well-being and satisfaction of its team members.
  5. Innovative Environment: Innovation and creativity, constantly striving to stay ahead in the retail industry through technology and customer-centric approaches.
  6. Flexible Work Options: Flexible scheduling options to accommodate various lifestyles and commitments, promoting work-life balance for its employees.


Stores & Supply Chain

The experiences we create at our stores and supply chain facilities and how we get our guests the products they’re looking for is the heart of our business.


Internships & Entry-Level Programs

Whether you are initiating your career journey or beginning a new chapter, our principle remains constant: choose a workplace where you can foster care, experience growth, and achieve victories together as a team.

Work at Target

Corporate Careers

No matter where or how Target aligns with your career journey, our conviction remains unchanged: don’t merely work somewhere; work somewhere you genuinely love.

Corporate gigs at Target aren’t your run-of-the-mill desk jobs.

Nope, they’re more like tickets to a rollercoaster of innovation and impact.

Picture this: You’re at the heart of one of the coolest retail giants on the planet. Your ideas aren’t just heard; they’re celebrated.

From marketing mavens to tech whizzes, there’s a spot for everyone to shine.

But it’s not just about climbing the ladder (though, hey, that’s totally an option).

It’s about being part of a crew that’s changing the game.

You’re not just crunching numbers or drafting reports; you’re shaping the future of retail.

And the perks? Oh, they’re sweet. We’re talking about flexi-hours, killer discounts, and enough coffee to power a small city. Plus, there’s this vibe—this energy that comes from knowing you’re part of something big.

So, if you’re ready to ditch the dull and dive into a world where every day is a chance to make magic happen, then Target’s corporate scene might just be your jam. Come join the ride! Work at Target today!


At Target, We believe in Uplifting one Another

And prioritizing our connections with each other and our guests above all else. We stand by each other, prioritize people, and treat one another with utmost respect.


Benefits of Working at Target

Our benefits comprehensively uphold the well-being of our team members and their families – spanning from financial security to mental and physical health.
The variation in programs, resources, and benefit eligibility is contingent on position, average hours worked, and length of service.

For detailed information on benefits, kindly visit our website, link at the end of this artigo.


We care about our team

At Target, we nurture a culture that prioritizes compassion, development, and shared achievements.

We dedicate ourselves to the team’s well-being by offering chances for professional advancement, self-care, and contributing positively to Target guests and their communities.

Our vision is to attract and retain top talent through an inclusive, distinctive total rewards package crafted to address the unique and evolving needs of our team members.


Physical health

Target provides eligible team members with extensive health benefits and programs, encompassing medical, vision, dental, and additional offerings, aimed at supporting them and their families in maintaining their overall well-being.
Plus, all of our U.S.-based team members get access to 24/7 virtual health care visits and access to a free fitness and well-being platform.


Time off, life & family

At Target, we prioritize well-being and advocate for a healthy work-life balance.

We present a suite of family-centric benefits for our eligible team members, designed to assist them in managing and harmonizing the demands of their families and careers.

Simultaneously, we encourage the enjoyment of activities and interests outside of the workplace.

Our time-off plans offer eligible team members company-paid national holidays and paid time off, with vacation and sick time accrual plans tailored to position, hours worked, and years of service.

Additional family support benefits encompass paid family leave, reimbursement assistance for adoption or surrogacy fees, and programs facilitating access to quality backup or primary care, extra academic support, pet sitters, and more.

Work at Target

Mental health

We are dedicated to investing in and prioritizing the mental health and well-being of our team members, offering resources, space, and support throughout their entire well-being journey.

Our commitment extends to providing all team members and their household members with complimentary, confidential, round-the-clock access to trained clinicians through our Employee Assistance Program, known as Team Member Life Resources.

Moreover, we provide access to a self-paced cognitive-based therapy program, also available through Team Member Life Resources, at no cost, addressing concerns such as anxiety, sleep issues, and substance misuse.


Education assistance

Target provides cutting-edge education assistance benefits to facilitate ongoing learning as our team members develop skills for a lifetime.

Via our Dream to Be program, in collaboration with Guild, team members gain access to tuition-free options spanning 250 business-aligned programs across more than 40 schools.


Financial well-being

We assist our team members and their families in making sound financial decisions, both for the present and the future.

We provide access to a full banking institution through our credit union membership, help to save for retirement through the TGT 401(k) plan with matching contributions up to 5% of eligible earnings and offer a 10% team member discount on merchandise, with an additional 20% discount on wellness items at Target.



At Target, our pay philosophy is simple.

We offer fair and competitive compensation that recognizes team members for their performance.

Our leading-edge pay structure enables us to attract and retain the most talented individuals in the market.

Work at Target

Join us at a workplace where passion meets purpose.

Making the experiences we curate for our guests and the seamless delivery of sought-after products the core of our business.


Internships & Entry-Level Programs

Whether you’re launching your career journey or commencing a new chapter, our principle remains constant.

Choose a workplace where you can foster care, experience growth, and achieve victories together as a team.


Corporate Careers

We champion lifting each other up and placing utmost value on our relationships with colleagues and guests.

Prioritizing people, showing up for one another, and treating everyone with respect are our guiding principles.

Continuous learning and improvement are our belief system, as we understand that it is the key to business growth.

We invest in our people, focus on their development, and create opportunities for them to reach their maximum potential.

We celebrate the power of diversity and believe it propels us to achieve more.

Our commitment to doing the right thing, winning ethically, and succeeding as a team.

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