Personal Credit

Payoff Personal Credit

Payoff Personal Credit is a credit modality that Payoff offers to clients, to seek to meet the intentions and desires of customers, from the most simplistic to the most demanding, with all the conditions and advantages that prioritize and seek to serve all the needs

Payoff Personal Credit – What is the value and terms of payment?

The personal credit of payment is a type of personal credit between 5,000 and US $ 35,000 calculated and with projections to eliminate or reduce the maximum credit card balances for its clients.

Payoff Personal Credit
Payoff Personal Credit

The Payoff Loan is envisioned to allow and make viable that users and owners assume financial control and pay their credit cards as quickly as possible, thus avoiding increases and calculations loves in the balances and credit card bills. This is possible through the consolidation of the balances of high interest cards in a payment parceled monthly at a fixed rate and term and without modification.

Will the verification of my rate for the Payoff Loan affect my credit?

The consultation of the loan rate will not harm at all, if without any damage to the customer’s credit. After hiring and signing the Payoff Personal Credit, the company must perform a difficult consultation, which can in rare cases affect the credit. However, the good news is that members verify an average increase in the credit score of about 40 points.

What is the approval criteria for Personal Payoff Credit?

The Payoff, based in on transparency and the highlights the main a factors for credit approval, fixed and monthly income, proof of address and fixed residence, a positive credit history in the market, among others that can be verified on the site . In the event of an accident