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Santander Personal Loans

Active in the place market since 1982, Santander is the third private bank of the National Financial of System. The Santander institution is present in all regions of the country through a broad structure.

Benefits – Santander Personal Loans

The payment in up to 60 months facilitates and collaborates with a better organization of the expenses; The client can still choose the best date to make the payment of the parcels, being able to choose even, the date of reception of his monthly income.

Santander Personal Loans
Santander Personal Loans

After the acceptance and confirmation of the Santander Personal Loan contract. the credit is released directly into the holder’s current account and the values of the parcels are automatically loaded on the chosen date Personal

Santander Loans – Costs

In the request for the Santander Personal Loan there is an incidence of interest and operator charges and there is no fee collection.

Santander Personal Loans – Conditions

Subject to analysis and approval and release of credit. The informed conditions can be altered according to the profile and with the proposal agreed between the company and the client.

Santander Personal Loans – How to contract

Through Internet Banking it is possible to do the simulation and the request of the Santander Personal Loan can also be through the Santander Service Center, ATMs, agencies and physical points of service

Credit cards

The Santander Personal Loan is to be a client of the bank, if the user is not yet, it is enough to create an account and become a client of the institution. In the case of salary accounts, it is even possible to anticipate various types of credit, such as salary, salary or vacation.

The release of the Santander Personal Loan is quite fast, in addition the automatic debit account is a great advantage, and even the money can be used for the most diverse purposes, without the need to inform Santander about the destination.

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