Ferratum Personal Credit

Ferratum offers Ferratum personal credit which is a simplified online personal credit opportunity that guarantees the interested party to make the credit.

It is possible to apply for Ferratum Credit in a simple and practical way, as it is possible to apply and simulate using mobile devices, mobile phones, PCs and tablets.

Ferratum Personal Credit
Ferratum Personal Credit

Ferratum credit may be contracted by customers throughout and the release and request value may be requested as required by the users intent, but it is essential that the amounts are in accordance with the pre-approvals. of the institution whose value varies from 200 to 3,000 , on the date of the first loan application.

Credit Ferratum – Requirements

Applications are reviewed by a credit check and consultation center, so it is very relevant that applications have some minimum criteria for approval to be positive, and for the customer to obtain the Personal Credit Ferratum.

The client’s credit history must be positive, ie, for the analysis to be favorable, the user must have a good behavior in the Mexican market and be up to date with the obligations signed by him.

It is a Ferratum’s requirement that applicants for any of its institution credit service must be at least 21 years old. This requirement is used to assess the risk and the possibility of user default, it is noteworthy that all requirements are analyzed together and not separately.

Among the requested documents, documentation of personal identification and recognition is essential, among the possibilities that are accepted, the ID and the passport can be exemplified, provided they are in accordance with the standards.

Ferratum – Application

The loan application can be made entirely over the Internet so that the applicant can have more autonomy and it can be adjust in between their daily activities, making the request a convenient process, so go ahead and request your Ferratum Personal Credit.