Citibank International Credit Card

The Citibank International Credit Card is accepted throughout Africa and in over 18 million establishments in the most diverse and varied places in the world. They offer advantages and conditions that are unique as Citi World Privileges.

It is a card for the most demanding public, seeking what is modern and innovative with regard to credit card lines, and positioning in relation to the market and the segment of financial and banking companies.

The Citibank International Credit Card. It can be requested very simply and practically through the internet or directly at one of the many Citibank agencies that follow the disposition of customers.

Citibank International Credit Card banners can be chosen by the user, and are among the outstanding options Diners, Visa or MasterCard, so you only have to access the bank’s official website, and make the choice of the desired card and then Just click on “Apply for this Card”.

Once this is done, it will be necessary to request and choose the Banner that can be Diners, Visa or MasterCard and then the user must fill in the proposal, in this step just do the actions following the process instructions that will gradually appear on the screen of the device used.

Citibank International Credit Card – Types of Cards

There are several types of cards that can be requested by users, here are some of the card options:

Citibank Cash Back Platinum Credit Card Visa and Mastercard – To be able to apply for Cash Back Platinum, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a minimum income of $ 7,000 and can also choose from the flags available for that line. card which are Mastercard or Visa.

Citibank Cash Back Gold Visa and Mastercard Credit Card – To apply for a Cash Back Gold credit card, the customer must be at least 18 years old and have a minimum income of $ 3,000 and can choose between Mastercard or Visa brands.

Some of the benefits of this card are: 1.5% of purchases become points that can be returned as an invoice credit and 50% off in the first annuity. You can also participate in all Visa or Mastercard benefits programs.